Joker (2019) non spoiler review

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    Joker (2019, Todd Phillips)

    After the DC comics connected universe films came in under expectations (although still profitable), DC started planning out some stand alone films and Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover) approached them about doing a Joker film in a gritty style akin to The King of Comedy and Taxi Driver. With the film requiring a much lower budget than the usual superhero blockbusters it was green-lit.

    The talk for the subsequent years of production of it being something we have not seen in the realm of comic book movies before have proved correct, as we have a character study/ drama with this film. In that respect it is a refreshing change. The film is indeed a gritty feeling serious drama with a great central performance from Joaquin Phoenix (Her) that raises the film to another level.

    As far as the direction goes, the film looks good but my main issue is just how much it apes the two Scorsese films it is inspired by. Taking that tone is one thing but not only does this have similar story moments (also forgivable) but has shots/ scenes that feel duplicated. It will take film buffs out of the movie as they spot these pretty regularly throughout. So depending on how much the shameless aping of King of Comedy and especially Taxi Driver will bother you may effect your score. It bothered me a fair amount at times but I am sure it will bother others more than me and many less.

    That aside it is a good character study with a memorable lead performance and a welcome change to the mainstream box office. As far as the controversy over subject matter, the people who want to be outraged by things will find things in it to be outraged about but in the end it's just a movie and also it doesn't appear to endorse things has just present a fairly believable story.

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