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    I rewatched this last night, and found it to be generally enjoyable. It's very much a 90's thing, with postmodern self-referentiality, a sly sense of humor, and the whole reality TV plot, but it also blatantly steals from horror efforts of the 70's and 80's. The film works best when the main cast is trapped in the house and being knocked off one by one. The television set switching on to show the act of self-mutilation by the killer is good, scary fun, and the film does much with eerie sounds in the dark, quick glimpses of the disfigured killer, and of course, gore. The tacked on ending makes sense, but the execution doesn't quite work. It's as if the actress (who does the tenuous grasp on sanity well enough for most of the movie) was uncertain how to play this final scene, resorting to generic madwoman giggling for the it-was-all-in-her-mind reveal. I would very much have liked to see the original ending in the gallery, though one might argue that from a dramatic standpoint, it achieves exactly the same as the ending we got.
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