Scream Factory's Army of Darkness specs

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Sep 11, 2015.

By Dave on Sep 11, 2015 at 8:23 PM
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    Scream has announced the specs to their blu-ray edition of Sam Raimi's third entry in the Evil Dead series, Army of Darkness. Here's the dirt straight from their Facebook page along with a couple of questions and answers that they posted:

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Sep 11, 2015.

    1. zbinks
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    2. Zombie Dude
      Zombie Dude
    3. zbinks
    4. shithead

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    5. Workshed
      Well it looks great. Shame about the missing scene. Perhaps it will be corrected in another pressing?
    6. Shannafey
      Still getting it. I'm mostly interested in the International Cut.
    7. buck135
      Help me understand why blu-ray nerds haven't taken to the streets with torches and pitchforks to where Scream/Shout are located and demand that the disc be rectified otherwise it's false advertising to sell this as the complete /ultimate set. Scream has to ask themselves, "How the hell did the fans catch that small amount of film was missing?" People have been far more upset over less with this hobby.
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    8. Steel76
      You would think that the guys running Scream/Shout, are the same kind of cult/horror movie nuts, like we are, and that they should be able to notice if something is wrong/missing.
      They should do it right the first time, so we don't have to ask for replacements etc. This is becoming far too common these days, across most of the labels.
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    9. booper71
      Evil Dead series is only going to reference ED 1 &2, seems the rights holder of AOD wont allow it.
    10. Myron Breck
      Myron Breck
      Maybe I'll wait and see what happens.
    11. shithead
      SF responds...

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention and know that we are actively looking into the matter. We humbly ask for your patience this week so that we can respond to you more formally with answers.

      We’re aware of the problem and are working with Universal on a solution. We should have an update later this week. I’ve added your name and email address to a list of customers that will be contacted with more information once we have something to announce. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


      Customer Service

      Shout! Factory

      2034 Armacost Ave., 1st Floor

      Los Angeles, CA 90025

      If they did a replacement for Halloween 4, I'm sure they'll do one here, too.
    12. buck135
      Woah. I wasn't expecting a response this fast. Great news. I hope it doesn't take as long as Arrow is with Shivers.
    13. zbinks
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    14. thing
    15. Workshed
      Sounds like the set is a winner! I'm gonna hold until it's fixed, however.
    16. buck135
      Same here.
    17. fceurich39
      looks like best buy stores should carry this it has a 7 digit sku and will be 17.99
    18. baggio
      $17.99 at Amazon. But I'm gonna hold out until they fix the Blu.
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    19. CPT HOOK
      CPT HOOK
      I'm planning to grab it in store at Best Buy on Tuesday, since I was already planning to head in there to pick up their exclusive Some Kind Of Hate blu-ray anyway. Save myself Amazon's $3.99 shipping fee and snail mail shipping, have it on release day.

      As for the replacement disc, I don't think they're going to pull it from shelves and replace it, I think they're going to just wait until inventory runs out and fix it in the next pressing, so it might be a long wait. And although I'm not generally a slipcover nerd, I do have ALL of Scream Factory's Collector's Edition slipcovers, so if I do end up waiting for the next pressing, Army Of Darkness would be my only Scream without a slipcover. The Halloween 4 exchange was easy enough.
    20. Shannafey
      $17.99 on Amazon. Got prime, so I just ordered.

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