The Annual October Horror Movie Watching Thread - 2016 Edition!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by maskull, Sep 26, 2016.

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    Like I said, the score is beautiful when it aims for sentimentality:

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    candyman 2.jpg

    I'll just place this here, October-be-damned!

    Back when it came out I thought Veronica Cartwright looked sooooo OLD! Now that I'm 44, she looks downright terrific.
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    44) 10/29 Svengoolie Presents, Dracula's Daughter (1936)
    An underrated monster movie, probably because it's a bit more psychological than monster on a rampage fair. Gloria Holden is spellbinding as the Countess plus the interplay between Otto Kruger and Marguerite Churchill is fun and rather unique for Horror. Too bad Edward Van Sloan doesn't have more to do here as he's great in Dracula/Frankenstein/Mummy. Sven's signal came in real good all morning but got out of range right at the final act so I missed the door gag. I'm sure I've seen it before though. I did get to see his new tune for the first time, The Svengoolie Stomp, which which includes Trace Beaulieu/Frank Conniff and Penn & Teller. Seems like they've been working on it for awhile as there's some old guest stars in the video! It's a fun song if a bit generic (what does Sven really have to do with stomping? Herman Munster does that.) He also inserted a simple dedication to John Zacherle (this was the morning re-run, so he even took extra effort to go back a week's tape).

    45) 10/29 Svengoolie Presents, Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
    I decided to watch the night airing too, as it's bound to have his Halloween greeting which I don't want to miss. It also dawned on me that I missed Bela Lugosi's cake day! Will have to do a double feature next year! But it's great to get this for (nearly) Halloween this year. I always plan to watch it but somehow never do. I'm going to go against the grain though and say this isn't my favorite Abbott/Costello; Hold That Ghost! is. And this isn't even my favorite Abbott/Costello Monster pairing; Mummy is. But I still enjoy it. Crazy thing is people even declare this to be Lugosi's best turn as Dracula! Not even close as he's clearly playing it as a comedy. I also dare say that Lenore Aubert is much more compelling both as the mad scientist and as the vampire girl. Sven also played his Zacherley tribute during the night. Hopefully he's touch a bit more on Zacherle in an upcoming episode. I also ended up watching Ben Mankiewicz introduce this on TCM Sunday night as well!

    46) 10/30 Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Horror of Party Beach (1964)
    Shout! shipped out MST3k Vol. XXXVII about a month early so I decided to put in this sea creature feature since I was one of the select few who could. Not very Lovecraftian but then what MST3k movie is? I've seen the movie but I don't think I saw it MSTed and it's a real treat. Gets off to a bit of a slow start, with merely some high drama beach shenanigans, but soon shows a pretty cool and lengthy creature metamorphoses with pretty effective undersea EFX. The monster suits are both well done and exceedingly goofy: reminds me of Slimer eating the hotdogs in Ghostbusters! From there on out it's the epitome of drive-in fun with puppy love, half baked science and a sea food buffet of killings. This has perhaps the highest body count of any film from the era with over twenty slumber party girls being dispatched in one foul fishy swoop! I love these Black Lagoon knock offs, and fortunately for me there's buckets of them, but this one's the frothy foam on top!

    47) 10/30 Roland Presents, Dracula (1931/1958[?])
    Years ago reels turned up from when someone filmed John Zacherle's original performance as Ronald doing Shock Theater in Pittsburgh before becoming Zacherley in New York. So a few years ago I edited this footage together with the Universal DVD of Dracula and basically had a whole show! I've been warming up to the original Dracula more and more every year. I usually end up seeing it twice between Svengoolie and October. What I dig on is the performances of Dwight Fry, Edward Van Sloan and of course Bela Lugosi.

    Being born too late in the Midwest I never saw Zacherley broad cast live but even still as a full blooded monster kid his notoriety became well known to me. But it wasn't until I picked up The Zacherley Archives on DVD that I got to see how well earned that notoriety is. John Zacherle is great here, really embellishing his role and creates such a indelible character. And this was in his low wattage days in Pittsburgh! But my favorite moment is when he burns himself on a hotplate! It's all done live on air so he just shouts, "Ooh wow! That's Hot!" and just continues where he left off like nothing happened! Great showmanship. Goodnight sweet prince, where ever you are!

    00) 10/31 Svengoolie Presents, Monday Football Now - Vikings vs. Bears (2016)
    I was able to tune in for Svengoolie's Halloween pregame show, not knowing at all what to expect. What we got was rather fun, basically the knock on the door gag but they show the other side of the door (which we never saw before, admittedly it was dopey animation but still!). So it was a fun novelty and there must have been about 10 football costume puns in the sketch which is pretty good. They closed with The Svengoolie Stomp which was already on his show a few times this season but this probably played to a wider audience. Then handed off the ball cum rubber chicken to the regular WCIU Bears Pregame Crew without further ado.

    The biggest surprise what wasn't a horror show, and that's the Bears routing the Vikings! I watched the final seven minutes of the game (after Rifftrax) and was amazed at the Bears offense burning off the clock for five minutes with runs. It was like watching The Twilight Zone!

    48) 10/31 Rifftrax Live!: Carnival of Souls (1962/2016) [theater]
    A nice treat this year was the Rifftrax in theaters. While this year hasn't seemed like their greatest this was one of the best Live events they've had the past few years. They started with a short about hygiene where a dirty witch gets scrubbed clean by a little girl, and followed that up with another go at the educational short about making masks out of grasses. They keep redoing these shorts and movies, and now they're replaying their Christmas shows. I wonder how much more they intend to do?

    The riffing on the main feature itself is superb and made me laugh out loud more than usual. They relied much less on just stating things were bad and instead commented directly on the onscreen action. A nice turn around from the direction Rifftrax had been going these last few years. I don't have much memory of their previous tracks on CoS but it all felt very fresh here. It was colorized and while there were some nice details like her dirty dress they also cranked up the psychedelics a few times too which, while fun for Rifftrax, I don't think serves the film very well (which Legend also distributes stand alone). While this film hasn't aged well it does have the curious approach to being about an agnostic character which in this climate seems to be getting rarer and rarer.

    They also had a pre-show slide show with title cards, with one reading "Horror Movie Mistakes: Casting Stephen King in Creepshow (1982)"! LOL! I just can't escape people's judgement on that can I?

    00) 11/01 The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
    I always pencil this in for the day after Halloween but I'm always too exhausted; this year I didn't watch my usual Halloween marathon so I was more than willing to give my Blu-ray disc a spin. Like many movies in October, the first time in a long while that I've watched this.

    Some details I noticed in HD was the fact that Zero's nose was literally a jack-o-lantern (it always seemed more reddish before) and with that in mind I noticed the motif of a lot of jack-o-lantern lights throughout Halloween town. Still a fun film all these years later and I'd always considered it Danny Elfman's baby but noticed he did a lot of voice work. I also watched the animated short of Christopher Lee's reading of Burton's original poem. I've never considered him a writer but this was truly good and conforms very closely to the final film; only difference is the shoehorned love story and the addition of Oogie Boogie as a clear antagonist. As a kid Oogie Boogie was my absolute favorite part, and even years later I still have his stuff toy on my shelf. It's hard to imagine the movie now without him and it's all Elfman I know; he did a similar part as The Devil in Forbidden Zone which is also a favorite song of mine.

    And that, as they say, is that. My Lovecraftian theme worked out real well, though it was hard to pick just the right ones. Yet I got to watch a lot of films I'd been stock piling for years and years. I watched a grand total of 48 movies. Eight less than I watched last year but did one better than the two years before that. I'm including the Dr. Demonto Show; it was live theater with an organist and The Monster, that counts pure and simple. Plus I didn't count my theatrical showing of the new Godzilla which I could have counted with no second guessing so I'll call it even.

    00 09/30 Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
    00 09/30 Mars Needs Women (1967)
    01 10/01 Vampira Presents, The Thirteenth Guest (1932)
    02 10/01 Svengoolie Presents, Island of Terror (1966)
    03 10/01 The Call of Cthulhu (2005)
    04 10/01 The Whisperer in Darkness (2011)
    05 10/02 Frankenstein (1931)
    00 10/02 Doctor Jekyll's Hyde (1932)
    06 10/02 Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
    07 10/03 Die, Monster, Die! (1965)
    08 10/04 Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Crawling Eye (1956)
    09 10/04 Creepshow (1982)
    10 10/05 Mel Brooks Presents, Young Frankenstein (1974) [theater]
    11 10/06 The Curse (1987)
    12 10/07 The Colour Out of Space ( Die Farbe ) (2010)
    13 10/08 The Monolith Monsters (1957)
    14 10/08 From Beyond (1986) [Unrated Director's Cut]
    15 10/09 Prince of Darkness (1987)
    16 10/10 The Dunwich Horror (1970)
    17 10/11 Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Final Sacrifice (1990)
    18 10/11 Screamers ( L' Isola degli uomini pesce ) (1979)
    19 10/12 The Resurrected (1991)
    20 10/13 Lurking Fear (1994)
    21 10/14 Ron Perlman Presents, The Cat and the Canary (1939)
    22 10/14 The Ghost Breakers (1940)
    23 10/15 Movie Macabre: The Werewolf of Washington (1973/1981)
    24 10/15 In the Mouth of Madness (1994)
    25 10/16 Blood Feast (1963)
    26 10/17 Blood Orgy of the She-Devils (1973)
    27 10/18 The Shuttered Room (1967)
    28 10/19 Chamber of Horrors (1966)
    29 10/20 Caltiki, the Immortal Monster ( Caltiki - il mostro immortale ) (1959)
    30 10/21 Mystery Science Theater 3000: Werewolf (1996)
    31 10/21 Mystery Science Theater 3000: Soultaker (1990)
    32 10/22 Mystery Science Theater 3000: Hobgoblins (1987)
    33 10/22 Svengoolie Presents, Revenge of the Creature (1955)
    34 10/22 Mystery Science Theater 3000: Zombie Nightmare (1986)
    00 10/22 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ( The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad ) (1949/1958)
    35 10/22 Re-Animator (1985)
    36 10/22 Creepshow (1982)
    37 10/23 Ben Mankiewicz Presents, The Shining (1980) [theater]
    38 10/24 The Evil Dead, the Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror (1981)
    39 10/25 Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Brain That Wouldn't Die (1962)
    40 10/25 Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn, the Sequel to the Ultimate Experience in Grueling Horror (1987)
    41 10/26 Bruce Campbell VS. Army of Darkness, the Ultimate Experience in Medieval Horror (1992)
    42 10/27 The Dr. Demento Halloween Show starring Dr. Demento! (2016) [theater]
    43 10/28 Bride of Re-Animator (1989)
    00 10/28 Frankenstein (1910)
    44 10/29 Svengoolie Presents, Dracula's Daughter (1936)
    45 10/29 Svengoolie Presents, Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
    46 10/30 Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Horror of Party Beach (1964)
    47 10/30 Roland Presents, Dracula (1931/1958[?])
    00 10/31 Svengoolie Presents, Monday Football Now - Vikings vs. Bears (2016)
    48 10/31 Rifftrax Live!: Carnival of Souls (1962/2016) [theater]
    00 11/01 The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

    [ 44x 2007 | 56x 2008 | 63x 2009 | 33x 2010 | 42x 2011 | 77x 2012 | 47x 2013 | 47x 2014 | 56x 2015 ]
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    I was trying to go through all the old links and horror lists from this year and last from sites like AintitCool. But I did watch many of the usual classics like Halloween, Halloween 2, and Night of the Living Dead. A few Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street entries. And some others like Silent Hill and Ghosts of Mars that I like.

    I probably watched more horror tv shows towards the end of the month than movies.

    Aftermath (Syfy) - I like this show because of the family facing the end of the world dynamic. And they seem to be throwing all sorts of creatures and odd events into the mix.

    Ash vs Evil Dead - Awesome and crazy as usual.

    Westworld - I watched this early as I wanted to see the movie first. It's good but not really horror. More dark sci-fi.

    Channel Zero - It's starting to get really creepy.

    And the one most people are talking about. It's a long review that I guess I'll put here since I haven't really been following the main topic on the show.

    Walking Dead (First Episode of New Season) -

    I just wanted to know who died and I was going to check one of the forums to find out. But the show was almost over and I wanted to see who they had on the Talking Dead show. I'm always curious what Kevin Smith has to say as he cracks me up. It was 5 more minutes so I thought why not look at Walking Dead and see where the show is. I was surprised to see them still at that site in the forest. I thought did anything actually happen other than the death of someone in the group?

    So after seeing who was on Talking Dead, I reluctantly decided to kind of watch Walking Dead. Basically off and on. I would have been disgusted if I watched that full episode with the continuing tease of who died. And it is truly torture porn. A fully deserved label more than with any movie. As it does go further with the graphic torture and senseless beating of hero characters than pretty much anything I can think of at this moment.

    I remember after September 11th, people said some stuff in movies and tv shows was now off limits. Roger Ebert reviewed that really stupid Stealth movie and thought one scene was in poor taste if I remember correctly. I can't recall the movie or tv show which the mass audience finally said it's ok to see relevant or historical mass destruction again. I have read in places that when society is at war, entertainment can get more violent. I didn't have that much of a problem with that Spartacus show. Maybe because it was very stylized and at times over the top. Same goes for something like Ash vs Evil Dead and Grindhouse. I know Ebert wasn't too fond of Aliens originally as well and said something like he didn't know who would enjoy watching it. But the point is, there is a reason and ultimate point behind the flow of the story. What happens in Walking Dead seems to be both realistic and brutal just to be brutal. Stuff happens to main characters that would usually only happen to side characters, characters the audience didn't really like, or bad characters. And even then it would be quick or not given the kind and amount of shots like in Walking Dead. I know the character of Negan is proving a point. And I know in the Old West, people were somewhat brutal with hangings to show what happens to criminals. It's probably the lack of decent humanity on display that's disturbing here. And how that is all the show has to offer. It is how dark a bad guy can they continue to make and in what horrible or tragic way can they kill a main character. I stopped watching weekly around the season, and I guess I can spoil this since it was so long ago, when the pretty blonde girl was accidentally shot in the face in one of the dumbest standoffs I've ever seen. And those sort of scenes have only continued and been upped in the level of violence as we saw with this episode.

    I know that in Night of the Living Dead, the people and conflict turn out to be just as dangerous if not more so than the zombies. But that's more of a conflict between who wants to be the leader and what they should do to survive the night. In Walking Dead, it's almost everyone you meet outside of your group is bad. I'm glad I don't watch the show regularly anymore because I'm positive it damages society in a way that your average horror tv show or movie doesn't even come close to. As it basically says the people in the next community, town, or city will want to take what you have and kill you when there is no law enforcement. And I can't believe a show like that is still popular.
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    Ira's Toys store
    gonna get the kinda difficult to find blu-ray of yoga hosers I usually enjoy weird bad movies and I thought tusk was okay

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