THE INCUBUS (John Hough, 1982) - Vinegar Syndrome 10/30/18

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    An exclusive from my Cinema Arcana FB Page:

    “He is the destroyer.” Referring, of course, to the titular terror in John Hough’s supernatural slasher, THE INCUBUS (1982) – new to Blu this October from Vinegar Syndrome!

    Small town doctor John Cassavetes turns small town detective when his community is faced with a rash of brutal murders. Young women are turning up ferociously violated and savagely mutilated, and the clues are puzzling. Could there be a sex maniac on the loose? Or is it his daughter’s awkward new boyfriend, prone to bizarre nightmares? And what of the inordinate amounts of mysterious semen left behind at the crime scenes? This town has a demonic history and the locals are understandably getting worried about devil worshipers, but no one could possibly expect the truth. Separated from the rest of the ‘80s splat pack by its sleazy, offbeat premise, THE INCUBUS is a sick little thriller, featuring startling assaults, a great New England vibe and one kicker of a climax. In you’re seeking out the weirdest the subgenre has to offer, be sure to add this one to your list.

    With its 1983 Vestron VHS stocked in seemingly every rental shop around, THE INCUBUS was no stranger to home video. Its DVD debut came courtesy of Elite Entertainment in 2002, with Scorpion Releasing recycling the same digital master in 2013 after the original materials reportedly went missing. For its Blu-Ray premiere, Vinegar Syndrome have thankfully located an original internegative used for print duplication, and performed a new 4K restoration utilizing a combination of the IN and 35mm print elements. (The original negative is still missing.) Considering the previous master is close to 20 years old, this should represent a significant upgrade. This new issue is also a step forward in terms of supplements; prior editions were practically barebones, but Vinegar Syndrome have secured on-camera interviews with director John Hough, lead actress Kerrie Keane and director of photography Albert Dunk, whose insights into the production should yield a great deal of information for fans. Street date is October 30th – expect pre-order details shortly.

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    Incubus (1981) - Trailer - YouTube
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    I was always fond of that one, played locally when I was a kid. I look forward to the upgrade.

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