We are looking for a few reviewers! Get a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate.

Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Sep 17, 2015.

By Dave on Sep 17, 2015 at 10:14 PM
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    I'm going to be giving out a minimum of four $25.00 Amazon gift certificates over the next 30 days. Here's what we are looking for: People to write quality reviews for the site.

    What do I mean by quality reviews? Just take a look at any of our reviews posted here. The outline is simple - opening thoughts, story outline, image quality, sound quality, supplements, and final thoughts. Submissions should be several paragraphs long. Opening thoughts (1-2 paragraphs) and story outline plus analysis (4+ paragraphs) will easily give you several paragraphs. Go longer if you want. As long as it's interesting, we have not limitation on length. Make sure you spell check and use good grammar. Check some of our exiting reviews for examples.

    For the submission, all I'm looking for are your opening thoughts and the story outline. If I like what I see, I will go ahead and tell you to finish the review. As long as the finished review holds up to similar quality, and the review itself checks out*, the $25.00 gift certificate is yours. I will help you get the screen shots done - either by walking you through the process or doing them myself.

    -Should be a recently released movie - sometime in the past year to two years is fine as long as it hasn't been reviewed on the site. All high def/bluray reviews have been brought over to the new site so simply check the list of what we have reviewed.

    I don't expect a lot of submissions so if you are interested in writing, it's a good opportunity to score some gift certificates. If I get five entries and only contact one person, and that one person wants to write four more reviews, I have no problem giving them four gift certificates.

    Submit entries to dwanderso@gmail.com

    *When you submit the final review, I plan to post it on the forum to have it scrutinized. We have members all over the world and if any of the content has been taken from another site, I have no doubt they will be able to spot plagiarism. Lastly, the review must be posted on the main site for 15 days before the gift certificate is issued. This is also to leave time for any readers to contact us about plagiarism. If any is found, the review will be removed and you will be disqualified from receiving the gift certificate.
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Discussion in 'Site News' started by Dave, Sep 17, 2015.

    1. Gizmo
      COOL!!! I may give it a try. My computer died tho so I have to use my gamer's computer and may not be able to get the time, but will try...maybe a batch of chocolate chip cookies are in order!? Have to remember to, which can be hit and miss. Never hurts to try and I love to write. Great opportunity Dave, Thank You!!:)
    2. Dave
      Not a ton of interest in this but I did receive a handful of submissions. I just received the first final submission and that person will be getting one of the $25.00 Amazon gift cards, assuming no plagiarism is found.

      There's certainly still slots available for anyone interested in submitting a review for consideration.
    3. streetlight
      sounds great. Could you list the names of the movies here that are going to be published? just so the same movie isn't reviewed twice? unless thats ok
    4. Wernski
      When do we hear back about our submissions?
    5. Dave
      So far only one has been completed 100%. I have asked a few people to finish their reviews 100% but only one has actually done so.

      If you haven't heard back from me that means you probably didn't get accepted. You are welcome to shoot me a PM to confirm that. Just let me know what movie you submitted.
    6. Wernski
      Oh okay, thanks.
      (It was Lady Stay Dead if you're curious.)
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    7. Wernski
      Okay, I decided to take another shot since you mentioned there are still open slots. Hope you like!
    8. SpaceAce
      Yeah I wrote up a brief review hitting the preliminary review points (Tormented) that you wanted and I never heard anything back. I would have assumed that I would have heard something regarding what was good or bad about it and what should be done to finish it or make it better or whatever. I kind of looked at it like if I took the time to write it up then it would have be nice to have somebody at least take the time to send a quick PM/email saying that they maybe appreciated the response but it wasn't what they wanted, or maybe offering suggestions, but to just hear nothing was kind of off-putting so I doubt I will submit anything further.
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    9. Dobby
      Ok I will leak out a secret that will help you become a certified reviewer. First thing you must do is tell a true story about the parties involved in the film. Second ask the reviewer some interesting generic questions to think about. Third give a short synopsis of the movie your reviewing. Forth thing give your personal opinion of what you think and feel about this film. Fifth give a review of the actors in the film and how you feel about their perfomance. Sixth then you review the picture quality and all other features like audio extras etc. Seventh give your final thoughts to sum up the review. Eight now this is the golden rule use allot of fancy words that requires readers to use google search. BAM there you go instant certified reviewer and be prepared to have your review scrutinized and pooped on.

      The End
    10. Dave
      I simply don't have the time to send people personalized responses and offer writing suggestions. I have reviews waiting to be posted, three year old twins that I take care of all day, a wife, schoolwork, and my regular job. Sorry.

      I will be contacting some more people that I would like to have finish their reviews. Be patient. I should get to it this weekend.
    11. SpaceAce
      No need to be sorry I guess, I understand that life keeps people busy (twins dad here too), I was more referring to what you said in the previous post that "if you haven't heard back from me that probably means you didn't get accepted". That was the annoying part, I don't expect a response right away but you made it sound like no news meant that your review didn't cut it and that was that. I was just letting you know that I felt like if you were trying to get new reviewers (which you obviously are) then that doesn't make it too enticing if a potential reviewer gets no response back, kind of the cold shoulder feeling. Either way I know your trying to do a lot with this website and most of the people on here really appreciate it, so I hope it can come across as constructive criticism instead of harping on you.

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